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Instagram for Business

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Instagram is very entertaining app in the worldwide. One billion+ users actively using instagram on monthly basis and being instagrammers. But do you know? Instagram rapidly growing thousand of business worldwide.

Big brands using Instagram

  • So many big brands, not only tens, hundreds, thousands even probably millions of brands are on Instagram and doing business from this platform. Some of these big are like @ibm, @google @netflix @microsoft @nike @nasa @zara @arifanimaker and many more big are there. Think in mind what is your favorite and search them in "Insta Search Engine".

Business from Instagram: How?

  • Do you have some shiny skills, or some interesting things, products or services, Which you wanna spread to the world, wanna sales with your target customers, wanna reach with millions of users, then make a business page on Instagram and add some catchy bio, add your website link, your email address to contact, add some attractive highlights but after some attractive posts,

  • Ya you reading important- ATTRACTIVE CREATIVE POSTS

  • It is the main keypoint if you're serious for making business from Instagram then make cool, catchy, attractive posts which should be related to your instagram business account.

  • If you're clear that what is good to post related to your business then upload good posts with clear, straight content to attract huge viewers to your page. It's an important step so don't make a mistake here and beware to drop scraps on your business page.

  • If you don't know how & what to posts on your Instagram business page then visit some experienced social-media page designers, agencies, social media marketers.

Do you want a good designed instagram business page?

I don't know good or I can't afford big social-media marketers?

I just starting a business, I can't afford high budget for my social-media business page?

  • If you don't know which is good, contact to make your social media business page (like this) cool & attractive with tempting posts in good pricing.

Arifanimaker process

They want full details about your business, you've to co-operate them to make your page valuable & attractable to buyers. Some elements like logos, colors, branding, website, guidelines are required from yours/buyers' side to make truly valuable pages and increase your followers, likes, engagements. And these followers, viewers /audience are probably the ones who convert into customers to buy your services or products.

Contact us for designing posts your business page [drop your mail]

+91-8619449969 [Msg/Whatsapp here for quick reply]

arifanimaker90 [skype]


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