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BLESSINGS GEMS💎 is a leading destination for magnificent precious and semi-precious gemstones. Our constant efforts are going on to fulfill the necessity of jewelers by delivering them the best possible product in the market.

Project-Logo Design Tiptip Oils: Featured Work
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Project-Logo Design Tiptip Oils: Text
Blessings gems-website image.jpg
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Blessings gems-website image-2.jpg
Blessings gems-website image-1.jpg

The story behind this beautiful logo

This project was also a memorable project in itself, there were many ups and downs to reach this logo design. Initially, the client did not like the version that we made them. And they thought we would not be able to make it, but after the meeting again we started all over again and after making many concepts and after many changes, we designed and gave them the logo as they wanted.

Feedback of happy & satisfied client

Logo Design - Blessings Gems ( Rating 5/5 )

I appreciate your creativity & efforts that you do in your work n from which we blessings gems are have provided our company logo that is up to mark and the most imp thing that we want to say is your patience. You really have done a hard work. Thank you so much🙏🏻😊

Ms. Arshima Rehman | Blessings Gems | Jaipur, India

Our Experience with Blessings Gems

This was a great experience to work with Ms. Arshima & Mazid Khan for Blessings Gems. We tried to deliver & fulfilled their needs. It's our pleasure that after many amends & concepts 'Blessings Gems' liked & approved our designed logo. Thank you Blessings Gems & team, to chose us for this project of your dreamed logo.

​So if you have any projects related to logo designs or other services that we do, then

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